The new Chanel jewelry collection goes by the name "Comètes de Chanel": Chanel's comets. 

Mademoiselle Chanel could recognize the powerful and mysterious qualities inherent in certain forms thanks to her surprising creative sensitivity. “What could be more suiting and more eternally modern!” she affirmed, eyes lifted towards a Parisian night sky, captivated by a shimmering nebula or the luminosity of a comet in flight.

For Mademoiselle the star and the comet would be privileged sources of inspiration that highlight the eternal beauty of women.

It was for their incontestable brilliance that Gabrielle Chanel chose the comet and the star for her first fine jewellery collection,“Bijoux de Diamants” in Paris in 1932.

She said, “I wanted to cover women in constellations of stars.

Usually not a big fan of summer vacation (holidays when kids are out of school cannot be a good idea… Unless you have kids, right ?), I always try to plan my trips outside of summer, Christmas/New Year's and Easter.

Yet this year, I decided to give it a try, heading to a destination until then unknown to me: Mauritius island.

On October 9, I was invited to celebrate the opening cocktail of the first Karl Lagerfeld store dedicated to men... Very exciting, especially since Karl himself came along to be with Sébastien Jondeau, his personal assistant and the official face of the men's line !

Among the celebrities attending the cocktail were actors Nicolas Giraud and Ruben Alves, as well as fashion illustrator Tiffany Cooper - all paying honor the brand by wearing Karl Lagerfeld and Lagerfeld lines.

Last year, Katie Holmes became co-owner and first celebrity spokesperson for Alterna. A great reason for me to try the line, available in France exclusively at Sephora!

Launched in 1997, the professional formulations of Alterna are free of harsh chemicals and infused with sustainable ingredients from all around the world.

A lot has been said about the Connaught and its famed guests and visitors already – from French President General Charles de Gaulle to designer Ralph Lauren…

In the heart of London’s Mayfait area, the Connaught is every contemporary traveller’s dream, a perfect combination of British classicism and contemporary design and features.  In close location to other London hospitality landmarks, it comes without all the stiffness - and, let’s face it, sometimes tackiness.

Cartier just released Shape Your Time™, a display of raw energy and emotion brought to life by Bruno Aveillan, with dreamlike aesthetics that launch Cartier into the stratosphere of the finest watchmaking traditions, while casting them onwards into the future.

A film dedicated to entrepreneurs, visionaries, creative and passionate people who, like the founders of Cartier, are connected to the world of tomorrow...

Since I first discovered Moynat's universe in August 2013, it seems that a million - good - things have happened to the brand: exciting collaborations (like this one with Krug), cool new designs, clever store openings...

Back in July, I was invited to preview the beautiful new Aria Collection by De Beers, during the Haute Couture Week in Paris.

This week, The “Jeweller of Light” unveils a brand new advertising campaign, that will launch later this year. Featuring model Andreea Diaconu, the campaign is shot by Mary McCartney as a new step in the collaboration between De Beers and Mary which began with the on-going “Moments in Light” programme that celebrates talented women.

In 1914, Cartier created its first panther-spot motif on a wristwatch. Inspired by nature, its black and white abstract onyx and diamond paving inaugurated the use of flecking in jewellery and pioneered the contrasts of the future Art Déco style. That same year, Louis Cartier ordered a “Lady with panther” from French illustrator and painter George Barbier. 

For Cartier, the first panther woman was Jeanne Toussaint, Louis Cartier’s close collaborator and muse.