It is a New York ritual, just like the Rockefeller Center's Christmas tree and ice rink: Tiffany & Co.'s Christmas windows. 

This season, the House of Tiffany & Co. has chosen to highlight the city's landmarks in its 5th Avenue shop.

Through pastel, turquoise and metal highlighted windows, representing the famous Manhattan skyline, Central Park and the Rockefeller Center, the House has captured the charm and magic of Christmas to perfection.

With the festive season, come the creative offers and gift ideas from the champagne houses. This year, BILLECART-SALMON thinks big with the creation of a Magnum Carafe Gift Set. 

Inspired by the design of the original bottles created in 1818 by the House’s founder, Nicolas François Billecart, the Magnum Carafe allows the cuvée to be delicately unveiled, for the aromas to be completely exposed and for the bubbles to soften.

This Christmas, Cire Trudon offers a very exclusive collection of luxury candles, all with gold leaves applied by hand to the inside of the glass... So special ! 

An angel, a star and a mage are the inspirations behind each of these candles: one in taupe, the other in celadon and the third in ambre. 

Each candle comes in an art deco inspired box...

CHANEL just unveiled this funny and witty interview of Keira Knightley for COCO CRUSH, the collection that I introduced here in April 2015.

At a time when virtually anyone can start a business (or, to be more accurate, a start-up), it is a good thing to see that France and its people also know how to revive and maintain our savoir-faire in traditional industries. And this is exactly what Claire & Marie Mouret are doing with Adonis Candles Paris.

We don't have so many nice website to purchase good selection of jewelry and watches in France, so I was really pleased to learn that is now available in France, a few months ago. 

WatchShop is known as the e-shop leader in the UK for watches and jewellery, and it is lovely to benefit from such a trendy selection finally in France too.

Steamcream is a skincare brand that operates the alchemy of steam to release the nourishing properties of natural ingredients for better efficiency. For the first time, they are available in France starting this month, at Sephora. 

Steamcream's beauty recipe is based on steam: the face creams are composed of plant extracts, antioxidants and essential oils, with a light and creamy texture that can be better absorbed thanks to 

the steam injection process that makes the specificity of the brand.

Since 2014, diptyque has been reviving the spirit of the first store opened by the brand's founders at 34 Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris, through a collection of Limited Edition objects and fragrances: "La Collection Trente-Quatre".

Again, this year, diptyque is enchanting the world’s day-to-day with creations that are as clearly in sync with the times as they are deeply linked to days gone by.