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Bed Head For Men by TIGI

Mar 13, 2020 | Parisian Eye

TIGI’s link to barbering and men’s hairdressing can be traced back to Giuseppe Mascolo, the grandfather of TIGI International Artistic Director and founder, Anthony Mascolo. Giuseppe Mascolo, lived in the coastline town of Torre Annunziata, in Southern Italy where he was locally renowned for his barbering skills.

Giuseppe’s talent has certainly passed on to the succeeding generations of the Mascolo Dynasty. It was Anthony’s own passion for men’s hairdressing that led to the creation of Bed Head For Men. The brand is dedicated to elevating the craft of barbering and men’s hairdressing through inspiration, education and developing products.

This year, Bed Head For Men by TIGI unveils a series of new products:

Clean Up Daily Shampoo: a daily shampoo rich in moisturizing agents for deeply nourished hair. With its menthol-based formula, it provides a feeling of freshness to the scalp. It is therefore ideal for all those who want a frequent and refreshing shampoo.

Clean Up Peppermint Conditionner: this light conditioner is enriched with proteins and vitamins that promote hydration and improve volume and radiance, for a scalp sparkling with vitality.

Matte Separation Workable Wax: this malleable matte wax is perfect for defined looks requiring hold and texture. Carnauba wax offers long-lasting hold that can be reworked during the day for a flexible hairstyle.
This Wax is one of hairdressers’ favorite products, and the best selling Bed Head for Men product in the world!

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