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Cat’s Eye High Jewellery, by Girard-Perregaux

Mar 14, 2019 | Parisian Eye

Girard-Perregaux brings forth a creation more dazzling than ever, a magnificent alliance of fine watchmaking craftsmanship and gem setting artistry, with the Cat’s Eye High Jewellery collection, that brings together watchmaking savoir-faire meets jewellery mastery.

Here, the famous ellipse – hallmark of the Maison’s feminine collection – becomes a scintillating work of art, rendered all the more sublime by diamonds and sapphires in their most precious expression. To make it possible, the Cat’s Eye High Jewellery uniquely combines two of the most refined techniques in gemcutting and gem setting: the first is the “invisible setting”, a truly exceptional skill that is the domain of only the most experienced Masters; the second is the “snow setting” in which the natural aspect achieved requires diamonds of varying sizes and weights. Any light that reaches it is amplified, just like starlight through a network of astronomical mirrors, triggering what is truly an explosion of brilliance.

Set with rubies or sapphires, the watch is complete with a self- winding movement, the GP3300, entirely conceived and produced at the manufacture Girard- Perregaux.

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