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Le Couvent des Minimes: rebirth with Remarkable Perfumes

Oct 21, 2018 | Parisian Eye

Founded in 1614 in Haute-Provence, Le Couvent des Minimes, now known as a historical landmark, was previously the home of Louis Feuillée, Louis XIV’s Royal Botanist. His discoveries are the inspiration behind a unique, contemporary, luxurious yet accessible perfume collection created with noble, rare and natural ingredients, 100% vegan. In 2017 Le Couvent des Minimes was bought by Didier Tabary (Filorga), and has undergone a complete transformation to prepare for its launch into the perfume market in 2018.

A sophisticated new brand

With a large offer ranging from perfumes to skincare and candles, there is a lot to chose from in Le Couvent des Minimes. One thing they have in common is their sophisticated brand universe, starting with a logo like a seal of nobility that features that French Royal crown; the Couvent’s motto, Botanica Nobilis; its architectural symbol, the acanthus leaf, the date 1614, as a reminder of the birth of this unique place; and the monogram of Louis Feuillée, in homage to that passionate botanist. A crown with an abundance of remarkable plants and animals from far away, recounting voyages of exploration in unknown lands.

Vegan cosmetics

In a brand where fauna and flora coexist peacefully with humankind in unspoilt nature, the products are based on green, 100% vegan formulations. Vegans abstain from all forms of animal exploitation, and the materials used as ingredients of vegan products must respect that rule: le Couvent des Minimes is certified 100% vegan across all product lines by the Vegan Society.

Niche perfumes

I got to discover the art of singular perfume by Le Couvent des Minimes, with a surprising motto: le Couvent des Minimes wishes to reinvent the codes of luxury with a bold, unique, and accessible haute parfumerie. Not an easy task, to offer everyone an alternative to typical perfumeries by facilitating access to this haute parfumerie…

An invitation to travel: Remarkable Perfumes by le Couvent des Minimes

As a fan of traveling, I am keen of following the invitation by le Couvent des Minimes to travel with its Remarkable Perfumes line. As the footsteps of botanist Louis Feuillée produced a map of adventures and natural fragrances, from the Eastern Mediterranean to South America, from the Canary Islands to Caribbean islands, the Remarkable Perfumes follow the path of his extraordinary voyages and carry us away to these exceptional settings.

Raw materials of dizzying quality and a principle of long, authentic maceration are a tribute to a parfumerie both luxurious and affordable. My favorite is FORT ROYAL, inspired by the Caribbean, delectable and enveloped in the exoticism of wild berries mixed with the caramel scent of benzoin resin…

A luxurious Panamanian bay gives PORTO BELLO its enchanting strength, an orangey power heightened by plumes of incense. To the east across the seas, in the Canary Islands, sunny SANTA CRUZ grips the soul with the floral citrus of bergamot, bolstered by sun-drenched eucalyptus. Next, it’s a return to the Americas, in Chile, along the wild coasts of VALPARAISO, swept by the cedar- and vetiver-infused sea spray, its heart beating to the rhythm of myrrh. Finally, near the Bosporus, with voluptuous SMYRNA, the Mediterranean reasserts itself in a wake of blooming roses and spiced black pepper.


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