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La Biosthetique: beauty from Paris

Jul 18, 2018 | Parisian Eye

I have known and used La Biosthetique Paris for a while now, and recently was able to discover some of the latest hair products from the company, headquartered in Paris. The products are handcrafted in Germany, which adds an extra seal of perfection and precision: research and product manufacturing are made in Pforzheim, on the outskirts of the Black Forest.

Hair care is how I first heard of La Biosthétique. The company believes that beautiful, healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, and since the founding of La Biosthétique, their scientists have been focusing on these connections.

Shampooing Beauté

La Biosthétique’s Shampooing Beauté gently cleanses the hair and scalp, moisturises, conditions and gives the hair an airy harmonious start to the day. A combination of mild detergents based on natural coconut oil cleanses and conditions hair and scalp. Notes of lychee, bergamot, cassis and mandarin are strengthened by pink pepper, embedded in a floral bouquet of rose, jasmine, iris and magnolia for a floral–fruity scent experience. Care, shine and happiness on a daily basis !

Beauté Conditionneur Douceur

The fine care milk Beauté Conditionneur Douceur enrobes hair in need of care like an invisible veil and develops its full power of natural conditioning ingredients. Natural ceramide is combined with a highly concentrated avocado oil extract and nourishes the porous parts with moisture and maximum care. Beauté Conditionneur Douceur contains multi-active panthenol. It improves the hair’s moisture-binding capacities and thus gives the hair natural bounce and silky softness.

Essence de Protéine

Because they are one of the hair’s main building blocks, proteins are essential for the hair. The protein spray rapidly and effectively gives hair in need of care softness, elasticity and silky shine. Beauté Essence de Protéine features a convincing 2-phase active system: An intensively restructurising phase and a shine-boosting phase. The active ingredients take effect as soon as you spray on the product by directly depositing themselves on the damaged hair structure. The double power intensively restructures the hair and its combability is significantly improved. Beauté Essence de Protéine forms a secure and protective film that increases the hair’s resistance and effectively combats the dreaded hair breakage.



Beauté Conditionneur DouceurEssence de ProtéineLa BiosthetiqueShampooing Beauté

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