Château Brown: Pessac-Léognan at its most stylish

May 20, 2018 | Parisian Eye

With all his respect for the history of Château BROWN, Jean-Christophe Mau had one dream when he acquired the winery at the end of 2004: to place his ambitions at the service of this estate of 59 hectares (29 of vines) and to cherish its vineyard in a manner worthy of the appellation’s most prestigious wines. By bringing out the best of BROWN’s gravel soils, moving towards careful, sustainable production techniques, optimising modern technical facilities and building the right team… the successive vintages since 2005 have revealed ever more generosity, care and precision.

Château BROWN rosé millesimal 2017

Over the years, the haute-couture wines of Château BROWN, red and white alike, have seen their quality and reputation soar. It is the case with 2017 vintage, with a production limited to 2,300 bottles: an exceptionally single varietal wine with 100% Merlot.
Since 2012, Château Brown has produced a high-quality, pressed rosé wine, usually made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Nothing has changed except assembly. All the precision and rigor of Château Brown can be found in this wine, which remains one of the rare Bordeaux rosés obtained by direct pressing and vinified in barrels, with aging on fine lees for 4 months.

The color is bright with light salmon hue, and a rich, intense aromatic palette with a dominant strawberry, complemented by nuances of vanilla and cinnamon brought by the oak wood. Perfect for an aperitif or a meal with the beautiful days !

Château BROWNroséWine

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