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SIHH 2018: Hermès Klikti

Jan 17, 2018 | Parisian Eye

Among the new products introduced at this year’s SIHH, Hermès Klikti will sure be a success. What does the new Hermès jewellery watch herald? A new journey? A new chapter? Or simply a creation worthy of the Maison, expressing expertise, singularity and authenticity?

It is indeed merely a foretaste of the multiple perspectives and inspiration that the new Hermès Klikti can offer. Attired in white or rose gold, semi-set or full-set, tted with black, blue, ember red, purple-toned cassis or burgundy alligator leather straps…

It is in any case not the culmination of a new design, instead opening up whole new creative vistas. Watch this space…

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