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Oct 05, 2017 | Parisian Eye

Between a jewel and a watch, the CODE COCO watch carries the constantly renewed and timeless CHANEL codes. At a first glimpse, one instantly recognizes the clasp of the 2.55 bag: the jewel is a code, revealing two watch hands: the code is a watch. When looking at the quilted bracelet, another famous CHANEL code, the watch is decoded.

A jewel, a watch, different codes: this his how CHANEL has created its latest horology creation. A creation that does not reveal its secrets from the start – not to everyone. It takes time to decipher the codes, or be initiated.  Freed of time thanks to a respect for traditions combined with the most contemporary irreverence, the codes of CHANEL are definitely timeless.

The CODE COCO watch closes with a click like the padded bag 2.55, created by Mademoiselle Chanel in February 1955, whose clasp adorns the heart of the dial.

Open or closed, it hides or uncovers the time discreetly displayed there. Time, itself, is a secret to be protected. Discreetly shines a diamond on a black background, the last carat from a precious look. Its supple bracelet, of a lightness which does not hinder any gesture, recalls the primary vocation of the quilted motif.


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