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Cartier: the new Panthère film, by Sofia Coppola

Jun 14, 2017 | Parisian Eye

Cartier, a Maison synonymous with style and femininity, has given carte blanche to So a Coppola to direct the lm for the Panthère de Cartier collection. Her vision of the 80s and of what it means to be a Panthère woman was seen as the perfect match for this collection, which was born in 1983.

In this video, we discover the pretty face of Courtney Eaton. Spontaneous and natural, we follow her through a day in Los Angeles, a fantasy life … She has fun Until the end of the night, surrounded by her friends, Brooklyn and Amanda Sudano, the daughters of Donna Summer.

What makes this film a great one is the aesthetic of the 80’s, completely reinvented, that puts forward the famous Panther watch. An iconic jewel that came out in 1983, a time that particularly inspired the filmmaker. She explains: “When the Panthère watch came out in 1983, there were so many great movies, and I love the stars of that time. I remember the glamourous kind of women who wore a Panthère watch. It was just a stylish time to remember and to propose a modern interpretation of it. The Panthère woman is elegant, sophisticated, chic and glamourous, still sexy and fun. I think she is a European woman who travels, so we set the story in that way. We just shot a couple of days in LA, in some great locations as Union Station downtown, the Georgio’s night club, a hotel in Hollywood and the “Fox Residence””

A new Panther?

If the watch is faithful to the original one whose production stopped in 2004, it nevertheless includes some small differences that modernize it. A reinforced bracelet, waterproof, always more elegant. It is available in two formats and fourteen versions. A new jewel that may have generations of women dreaming. Women with refined style, discrete sophistication. A generation of women like Sofia Coppola.

The film can be watched here:

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