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WORMS Paris, the French pearl specialist since 1900

Apr 29, 2017 | Parisian Eye

Created in 1900, WORMS Paris has ever since been a reference in the fine pearl industry, becoming in the 1920’s the first importer in France of Japanese cultured pearls. Under the leadership of Jérôme Térangi Rambaud, whose family took over WORMS Paris in the 1950’s, the company is coming back to life today with beautiful and modern creations.

WORMS in 2017: Urban Inspiration

With the current Urban Collections, Nathalie Vaucher Tempier, the houses’ designer, explores the deep meaning of emotional bond and urban anchorage, of those souls attached and connected to one another.
With a unique padlock that closes to seal the emotions, this collection is a contemporary ode to love and the city.
Each creation is made to be worn with the sensual simplicity of silk or cashmere, on naked skin, in the intimacy of everyday life as in moments of exception.

Cadenas U’rband: pearls for men, finally 

When I first saw WORMS Paris’ men’s creations, I immediately thought: “finally, a pearl bracelet for men that looks like a men’s bracelet !“.

Reminding of a padlock, the Cadenas U’rband bracelet mixes modernity and strength of character in a proper balance, revisiting the masculine jewel and its codes. Emblematic of the brand’s contemporary creations, a stylized padlock highlights the sobriety of a Tahiti pearl. Set on a strap of interchangeable color, this bracelet offers a freedom of pace, ensuring elegance under all circumstances.

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