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CHANEL presents the House’s first in-house high-watchmaking movement with MONSIEUR de CHANEL

Aug 30, 2016 | Parisian Eye

At CHANEL, desire gives birth to tools: this is what happened with the Monsieur, introduced today.
Between power and discretion, the MONSIEUR de CHANEL watch with Instant Jumping Hour and Retrograde Minute is equipped with the CALIBRE 1, the House’s first in-house high-watchmaking movement.

With this choice of a double complication with a digital hour display in a watchcase of extreme sobriety, CHANEL expresses its unique vision of beautiful masculine watches.

Exclusively dedicated to the MONSIEUR watch, the CALIBRE 1 with Instantaneous Jumping Hour and Minute Retrograde is the first movement designed, developed, reliability checked and assembled by CHANEL.

A manual-winding mechanical movement made up of 170 components, the CALIBRE 1 is a movement with integrated complications, meaning that the complications are integrated into the bottom plate and are not simply modules attached to a base.


Made with the utmost respect for tradition and yet decidedly contemporary, the CALIBRE 1 which offers a double complication, took five years to develop. This commitment to technique and creativity is as a testimony to its nobility and reliability.
A precursor, it conjures up a quest for the essential, and the pursuit of purity and refinement. A mechanical masterpiece highlighted by two circular skeletonized bridges, the CALIBRE 1 multiplies the references to the strong codes of the House.
Matt and glossy black predominate in its black architectural movement in ADLC (Amorphous Diamond Like Carbon). The trim emphasizes all the curves of its bottom plate and bridges. A number of custom-made parts serve as a reminder of the octagonal shape of Place Vendome.

CHANEL chose the lion, its most masculine emblem and a symbol of strength and power, as the signature of the MONSIEUR watch which is found on its buckle and crown.

 The lion is also the seal of all the House’s in-house Haute Horlogerie movements.

A most exacting watchcase was necessary to house this true gem of watchmaking technology. Thus, a brand-new 40-mm round case was specially developed for the MONSIEUR collection. The choice of a circle was the strong artistic wish of the CHANEL design studio.

The contrast between the sobriety of the dial and the movement’s very architectural design is part of the House’s uncompromising creative process. In 2016, 300 numbered movements will be produced of which 150 are for the Monsieur in Beige gold and 150 for the white gold model.

With the MONSIEUR watch, the vision of a beautiful masculine timepiece according to CHANEL is the expression of technical excellence, and also an expression of a unique style and allure.
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