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My summer in the city essential, by SVR

Aug 20, 2016 | Parisian Eye
If, like me, you are spending parts – or all – of your summer in the city, there are two things to avoid if you want to keep a bright skin, the kind that makes you feel more alive and look more remarkable; more beautiful in a nutshell: sun and pollution, the killer combo. 
The passing of time is a threat to that light that gives its aura to the skin, but the environment and our lifestyle also amplify this process.
Worse than the sun, worse than the pollution, the combination of both is particularly aggressive to the skin. With the effect of the sun, pollution is increased due to a lack of wind and renewal of the air. There are more suspended particles, and the skin suffers. And with pollution, UV radiation is increased since the ozone layer, this natural protection against UV, deteriorates. More damage for the skin !
To fight this, it is necessary to act and protect our skin everyday, several times a day. For this, I have discovered Hydracid SPF15, a mist that acts like a protective shield, to be used daily. 
Hydracid SPF15 also works as a glowing agent, protecting the skin against everyday life agressions. 
Its expert formula combines, in an invisible shield: UV filters, camellia flower – for its detoxifying effects, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. 
I’m not leaving my house without it this summer, as it makes my skin more uniform, smoother, and plumper ! 
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