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“Entre Orient et Occident”, a stunning photography exhibition in Paris

Jun 23, 2016 | Parisian Eye
Until June 28, the exhibition “Entre Orient et Occident” (Between East and West) casts the light on the Xinjiang region of China. An original and beautiful photography collection, focusing on this autonomous region which occupies the equivalent of a sixth of Chinese territory. 
Located in the far west of China, Xinjiang shares borders with eight countries, including deserts, steppe and high mountain chains. A variety of landscapes, supremely beautiful and characterized by their immensity. 
This exhibition is a way to discover the region before the realization of the positive and promising project “Initiative la Ceinture et la Route” (the Belt and Road).  Launched 3 years ago by Chinese President Xi Jinping, this project aims at  reopening the mythical continental road that crossed the region in a modern form between East and West. 
“Entre Orient et Occident” exhibition
Galerie Nesle, 
8 rue de Nesle 75006 Paris

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