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Introducing Filorga’s latest innovation, the Time-Zero serum

Apr 18, 2016 | Parisian Eye

A recent study by IFOP for Filorga shows that wrinkles are the main beauty concern for women between 30 and 65 – and, I am sure, for men too…
Leading French beauty brand Filorga never ceases to innovate in order to answer those concerns with its cosmetics offering, inspired by its esthetic medicine solutions (Filorga is the main esthetic medicine brand in France, providing doctors with everything from hyaluronic acid to peelings). 
The latest innovation from Filorga laboratories is the Time-Zero serum; a 4 in 1 serum that brings together all the assets used in aesthetic medicine for advanced results, without yet resorting to actual injections. 
Time-Zero targets 4 types of wrinkles, with a specific treatment for each:
– Deep wrinkles, with a combination of 3 different forms of hyaluronic acid for a “filler like” correction
– Fatigue wrinkles, with a duo of matrikines combined with Filorga’s exclusive NCTF® formula, identical to the one injected in mesotherapy
– Contraction wrinkles, aka expression lines. To fight them, Time-Zero combines a tripeptide-hexapeptide duo that modulates neurotransmission to relax the face… Just like botox, but without the frozen expression
– Surface wrinkles, by resurfacing the skin with gentle peeling-like active ingredients 
Filorga’s Time-Zero serum is the latest addition to the ever expanding Time-Filler range, joining Time-Filler, Time-Filler Mat and Time-Filler Eyes. 

An absolute must-have French beauty range 😉


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