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The Hilton Paris Opera becomes the first hotel to welcome Le Pain Quotidien

Feb 19, 2016 | Parisian Eye

It’s a premiere: for the first time, Le Pain Quotidien opens in a hotel, the prestigious Hilton Paris Opera – which celebrates this month its first anniversary.

From the mall bakery open in 1990 by young chef Alain Coumont in Brussels, because he could not find the right bread to serve in his restaurant, to today’s more than 200 locations on five continents, it is yet a new step for Le Pain Quotidien’s simple, wholesome cuisine.

The new singular and casual food spot in Paris’ vibrant Saint-Lazare area extends over nearly 150 square meters, with a wide offering suitable for the hotel guests, Parisians and tourists visiting the neighborhood.


This strategic and unique partnership between two actors of converging businesses offers a unique window to the traditional world of the hotels and restaurants. In tune with the times, the two brands have strong common values in their DNA: conviviality, sharing, single and neat customer experience.

For the Hilton Paris Opera, is the opportunity to offer Parisians and its guests an organic Food & Beverage option.
For reservations, please call + 33 1 40 08 43 30  or email
Hilton Paris Opera 
108 rue Saint-Lazare
75008 Paris
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