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A few seasonal essentials for a beautiful fall

Oct 11, 2015 | Parisian Eye
Fall is this time
of the year when our skin tends to look as dull as the days. Thank God,
cosmetics are here to help fight the season, and help us work towards a
polished and perfectly nourished complexion.
Here is a
selection of my latest favourites to do so, in 4 steps : scrubbing,
regenerating, moisturizing, and brightening.

1 : scrub with Estelle
& Thild’s Radiance
Micro Polish
at Sephora

Estelle & Thild’s Multi-Nutrient
Youth Oil and Multi-Action Youth Serum have been on the top of my beauty list
this summer, so there is no wonder that their newly released Radiance Micro
Polish is my first choice when it comes to deep cleaning this season.
This fine polish
buffs away dull skin for a much needed radiant glow, perfect for the season !
The organic polish contains tiny micro-crystals that gently polish and
exfoliate the skin’s surface, stimulating microcirculation. The skin’s natural
balance is protected with organic Black Elderflower.

2 :
regenerate with Eclaé’s Concentré de Lumière
face mask

Specifically designed for tired
skin, this cream mask, with new-generation light texture, combines antioxidant
Dunaliella Salina, an anti-ageing peptide and soothing Camomille Maritime (Matricaria
to activate cell regeneration and tone the epidermis while
brightening the complexion. The skin is refreshed, revitalised and radiant.

3. Moisturize with StriVectin’s Advanced Retinol Intensive Night Moisturizer at Sephora

StriVectin’s latest high performance night
cream combines the patented NIA-114TM and retinol duo that it first introduced
in 2013 to copper tri-peptide, a new star ingredient.
There are four essential components for a
radiant skin – proteins, micronutrients, water and lipids – which are depleted
during the day due to various factors such as the sun, pollution, stress and
Strivectin’s high performance night
retinol cream helps bring these elements to the skin thanks to the presence of
some key ingredients in the formula: proteins thanks to retinol, micronutrients
with the copper tri-peptides, water through hyaluronic acid and lipids with
shea butter. By bringing each of these four essential components, Strivectin’s
high performance night moisturizer improves the firmness of the skin and
reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

4. Brighten your look with Rexaline’s Anti-Aging Expert Eye Patches
X-treme Look at Sephora 

These innovative
patches are each made of 2 separate compartments, combining a
« Hydro-Boosting » formula composed of Hyaluronic Acid to an
« Ionic Energy Solution ».
Each complements
the action of the other, and thanks to the Hydro-Boosting formula, the ions of
the ionic biomatrix can penetrate the skin in a targeted manner, to the centre
of the epidermis which then accelerates the supply of new energy to the cells
and promotes cellular renewal.
The new way to
treat the eye area, for a new and brighter look !

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