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Chanel: the new “Chance Eau Vive” perfume advertising film, by Jean-Paul Goude

Jun 10, 2015 | Parisian Eye

For the ad campaign of Chance Eau Vive, the latest addition to the Chance fragrance line, Chanel collaborates with Jean-Paul Goude, who has once again used his remarkable creativity and imagination to enrich the fresh and playful world of Chance with his touch of fantasy and talent for allegory.
Fun filled and energizing, the film, taking place in an imaginary bowling alley, tells the story of a bold and strongwilled young woman who wants to be on the Chance girls’ team. Looking for fun, friendship and a good challenge, she has to prove that she too can take her chance and win.
The young woman grabs a bottle of Chance Eau Vive, and throws it down the lane before the astonished eyes of the other three, who are equally determined to win. Strike! She succeeds and celebrates her win. The four women then take another chance, all together: the group has welcomed its newest member.

Chance Eau Vive is the first perfume interpretation created by perfumer Olivier Polge with the Chanel Fragrance Laboratory. With its floral-zesty accord, it makes the perfect addition to the CHANCE line of feminine and elegant fragrances.

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