Louis Vuitton Cruise 2016: my favorite highlights from Palm Springs

May 11, 2015 | Parisian Eye
As I could see while staying at The Beverly Hills Hotel last week, Los Angeles – and California – definitely was the place to be in order to feel the vibrant atmosphere Louis Vuitton brought to the state for its Cruise 2016 show, held in nearby Palm Springs. 
The perfect location for this Cruise show had to be Bob and Dolores Hope’s estate, designed by
architect John Lautner in 1973
This structure, laid like a concrete cupola in the desert to live for the duration of a show, was the set for Louis Vuitton’s models to incarnate the ambiguous atmosphere that Los Angeles breathes. 
A magnetic territory where the essence of glamour blends with an obscure desire for the gothique.  A fascinating territory where the conquering architecture defies a seismic ground waiting to tremble.  
Palm Springs, a city that initiated the “resort” mindset becomes the scene where all these travels play out, like an endless come and go, between here, there and elsewhere….

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