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La Panthère Extract: Cartier revisits the perfume, with a unique rock crystal bottle

Jan 06, 2015 | Parisian Eye
When it was launched earlier this year, La Panthère already was a premiere in the perfumery world, with a bottle sculpted from the inside. 
Now more animal than ever, the extract of La Panthère emphasises the feline aspect of the eau de
parfum. For this extract, Cartier has created a glass bottle faceted like a jewel; a bold creation in rock crystal. A unique object, as only one has been created. 
For this exceptional piece, Cartier
sculptors took a perfect block of natural quartz shot through with angel hair and created the panther’s
expression in a mix of almost 50 facets, sharp angles and geometric sections with overtones of
It is a work of art, a technical masterpiece achieved by meticulous manual work: it took 6 months to create this iconic head that takes its place in the great
Cartier tradition of historic bottles – mixing black, transparency and gold.

The mineral black of obsidian (that Cartier already mastered to perfection in this unique watch) in the cap and the transparency of rock crystal reveal the Extract of
La Panthère in a solid gold flask, nestling within the crystal… A real masterpiece. 


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