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diptyque: Rose 2015

Jan 13, 2015 | Parisian Eye

I am definitely getting more and more addicted to diptyque and their regular new, delightfully scented creations.

This January, like every year when the end of winter approaches and nature gently returns to light, diptyque majestically showcases one of my favorite flowers, the rose – which beauty made it the attribute of Aphrodite and Venus.

For the first time though, the rose comes together with the ivy, another iconic plant in the diptyque language, giving birth to Eau Plurielle and Rosafolia. A singular accord, tender and green in one, an inspired duo, a radiant freshness.

Also rich in symbolism, ivy has been linked to the myth of the eternal return to fidelity. By nature, it also expresses the enduring presence of botanical strength and its fragrance has the biting verdure of unchanging youth.
For sure, a strong complementarity unites them as in the dense, fragrant profusion of a secret garden.

I really love the graphic design of this line, reflecting its modernity: a vigorous, exuberant and spontaneous interpretation of diptyque’s original rose and ivy drawings. The energy and freedom exuded are reminiscent of street art and graffiti: a botanical carpet whose geometrical composition echoes the boldness of this singular duo.

Eau Plurielle joins the perfume house’s permanent collection, while the Rosafolia perfumed candle and scented oval will be available in limited edition.
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