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Code name J12-G.10, by Chanel

Dec 03, 2014 | Parisian Eye
Another brilliant campaign by Chanel, this time to illustrate the J12-G.10 watch.

Surprising us with a strap directly inspired by the military world, Chanel has recently unveiled a witty campaign, just like they did with the Camelia Galbé and, more recently, L’Instant Chanel. This time, the campaign stages the watch as in everyday military situations… But with a Chanel twist.
Good to go !
Originally designed for the British army, the NATO strap adapted here by Chanel – typically
produced in reinforced nylon – has a long-standing reputation for its
unique toughness and flexibility.
Like a secret code, the J12-G.10 chose its new identity by taking its
name from the form used to order this legendary military strap.
Regulation dress 
Refuelling stop 
In a strikingly novel way, alligator skin with large scales has
replaced the original nylon. Making the watch exceptionally
precious, the buckle is set with brilliant and baguette cut diamonds.
Resolutely modern, this strap covers its tracks by adopting some
feminine charm, without ever losing its sturdiness and comfort,
and offers a definitively luxurious allure. 
I love it !
Hearing you loud and clear 
At ease !

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