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Travel: a Taste of Dorchester Collection… And more at Le Richemond, Geneva

Nov 05, 2014 | Parisian Eye
Le Swiss Délice, by a Taste of Dorchester Collection – shot with my Leica
This summer, my beloved Dorchester Collection launched “a Taste of Dorchester Collection”. The idea? Gather one emblematic dish from each hotel on an in-room dining menu, allowing cosmopolitan travellers at any Dorchester
Collection address around the globe to taste these signature dishes. A brilliant idea! Earlier in September, I already had the chance to have my favourite McCarthy salad from the Beverly Hills Hotel while staying at TheDorchester in London.
The view from the Armleder suite at Le Richemond – shot with my Leica
That was before knowing the fantastic experience that awaited me; as recently, I had the privilege to take part in a more official tasting session to explore the “Taste of Dorchester Collection” menu. And what an experience!
It was a lovely fall Saturday early October, at The Dorchester Collection’s Le Richemond, in Geneva. With a group of happy few and our lovely host Lou, we gathered for the afternoon in the hotel’s iconic and luxurious Armleder suite – and if there’s one thing the Swiss people know about, it’s luxury. Located on the seventh floor of the hotel, this penthouse suite offers incredible views of the Alps and Geneva’s old city from a huge private terrace.
Chef Sylvain Bailly – shot with my Leica
Comfortably settled in the sprawling suite, we were soon ready to start a gourmet foodie afternoon. Being in Switzerland, our exploration of the “Taste of Dorchester Collection” menu had to start with the local special.
For this, Le Richemond’s own Chef, Sylvain Bailly, came to prepare “Le Swiss Delice” before our eyes. By far my favourite discovery of the week-end, it is a celebration of the finest Swiss produce: a sandwich with air-dried Grison (dried local beef that has marinated in white wine and seasonings such as salt, onion and assorted herbs)
and Gruyère.
Chef Sylvain Bailly cooking Le Swiss Délice – shot with my Leica
Who’s in for some Swiss Délice ? Shot with my Leica
Exploring the Armleder suite – shot with my Leica
“Le Swiss Delice” was followed by London’s 45 Park Lane’s Butter Lettuce Salad – that I was happy to taste again, after having it for the first time at the actual Cut by 45 Park Lane restaurant early September.
Then came a taste of healthy Los Angeles with the delicious Garden Vegetable Soup, iconic to Hotel Bel-Air.
London’s 45 Park Lane’s Butter Lettuce Salad – shot with my Leica
Definitely not your average lettuce salad… Shot with my Leica
Shot with my Leica
Hotel Bel-Air’s Garden Vegetable Soup – shot with my Leica
Hotel Bel-Air’s Garden Vegetable Soup – shot with my Leica
If this seems to be quite a lot of deliciousness, it was yet far from being all for the day… In true Dorchester Collection fashion, more food awaited us after tasting the “Taste of Dorchester Collection” menu: since we were at Le Richemond, we were also treated to the fall menu of Le Jardin, the hotel’s restaurant.
On the menu, the first dish was an amazing combination of scallops, roasted potato gnocchi and white truffle!
Definitely my other highlight of the day, with the “Swiss Delice”… But the venison that came after also was quite delicious, as well as the desserts – although I am more of a savory person, the one dessert that I was able to taste (poached pear with vanilla and ginger, crumble with sugared almonds, milk ice cream) was divine!
Le Jardin’s fall menu… Scallops and white truffle… Shot with my Leica
Le Jardin’s fall menu… Scallops and white truffle… Shot with my Leica
A delicious dessert… Shot with my Leica
A delicious dessert… Shot with my Leica
Details of the Armleder suite – shot with my Leica
For information and booking, please click here.
Le Richemond
Rue Adhémar-Fabri 8-10,
1201 Geneva, Switzerland
Tel. +41 22 715 7000


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