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Hermès: new Haute Bijouterie designed by Pierre Hardy

Nov 25, 2014 | Parisian Eye
Over the past month, I have had the pleasure to discover and share news about Hermès’ latest watch creations. Exciting news is coming now if, like me, you enjoy learning about exceptional jewelry. For the first time, I have the pleasure to introduce Hermès’ Haute Bijouterie (High Jewelry) new line. 

For the past six years, Hermès has trodden the path of
metamorphosis, step by step, asserting the style of its Haute
Bijouterie designed by Pierre Hardy. A strong step in 2010,
with the Centaure and Fouet collections. A side step in 2012,
with the sacs-bijoux that paid tribute to some of the house’s
iconic bags. And today, three dance steps for this third collection, with three jewellery ensembles in yellow gold, white
gold and rose gold that draw their inspiration from equestrian
bridlery and silk scarf composition. 

With Brides de gala, the sapphire is unbridled;
the horse’s bit in rose gold is released. In Della Cavalleria, yellow gold coils around
a forearm, for a supple interweave. 
As for Grand Apparat, it is like a tattoo
in light, as a line of diamonds forms a dreamlike chain. 

Della Cavalleria

geometric lines and the vigour of its interweave convey purity,
rigour and virility. And yet appearances can be deceptive,
as when it is worn, this ensemble casts aside its image to
flow, coil and embrace the female form – with soft grey, golden, ultra feminine pearls. 

Grand Apparat 

Grand Apparat is nicknamed “the sorceress” by Pierre Hardy,
and understandably so. There is certainly a technical tour de
force that explains this web-like network of lines paved with
diamonds, these wild articulations and ethereal forms. But
there is more to it. There is a challenge, a desire to thrill,
an affirmation of the magical. The bridle has disappeared, and
its evocation, in character, rarity and subtle humour, remains. 

Brides de Gala

Brides de gala is
the ensemble that is most closely linked to the equestrian
universe of Hermès. With bits, headstalls, nosebands and brow bands mixed with sapphires, diamonds, lambskin and gold, it is actually so far from
the world of horse tack, so near to metamorphosis and reverie. 
Brides de galaDella CavalleriaGrand ApparatHaute BijouterieHermèsHigh Jewellery

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