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Beauty : a few of my summer essentials

Aug 21, 2014 | Parisian Eye

Daily Exfoliating Face Gel BY MATIS

I love to use this ultra cool blue
gel, especially in the summer : it contains a a multimineral cocktail
(magnesium, copper and zinc), which stimulates and energizes the cellular functions
of the skin. As a 2 in 1 cleanser and exfoliant, it has exfoliating microbeads
for mechanical exfoliation, and is also rich in flavanones mint leaf, for less

2 in 1 Energizing Shower Gel by MATIS

I use it mainly for as a body cleanser,
but it can also be used for the hair. Energizing and invigorating, it is
enriched with the same multimineral cocktail (copper, zinc and magnesium) that
stimulates and energizes the cellular functions of the skin.
These minerals are also involved in
the synthesis of keratin, essential for healthy hair. It is associated with
provitamin B5, which makes hair softer.

Lotion Tonique Fraicheur by PAYOT 

This tonic lotions invigorates and freshens
up the skin, with pineapple extracts acting as gentle exfoliators. Right from
the first application, skin is clear and radiant…
Another one of my summer beauty
secrets to great skin 😉

X-treme Corrector Eye Care by Rexaline @ Sephora 

The new expert anti-ageing eye care product by
Rexaline is rich in active ingredients that work specifically on the skin
around the eyes. The fresh, pearlescent gel-emulsion for all skin
types is composed of capsules
containing active ingredients, used as vectors to target the cells the
ingredients are to reach.
capsules contain the “DWK Complex”, a
vector for ultra-high performance anti-ageing active ingredients, as well as
The Rexaline compound (Hyaluronic Acid + Fragmented Hyaluronic Acid) that
moisturizes skin as it restores body and increases its density.

Ladurée hand cream @ Sephora

For this first body care collection, les Merveilleuses draw inspiration
from nature, the pleasure of gardens, the passion of plants, the love of
flowers and of course sweet
delicacies, an endless source of inspiration.
Among the products available in the
collection, I love the rose hand cream, coming of course in an elegant and refined


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