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Beauty review : my new day / night routine with Auriège… And gold !

May 14, 2014 | Parisian Eye

I love to try new beauty products,
and see how they work in the long term. For the past few weeks, I have been
trying Auriège’s newest innovation : the Cellular Shield serum, a day
serum which contains… Gold.

One of the first anti-aging
specialists to develop creams following the principles of the alternation of
day and night, Auriège also developed a night version of this serum; the
Cellular Energy serum, which I also tried.
With the Cellular Shield
serum, free radicals are not to be feared anymore… Besides 24 carat gold
particles, the edelweiss and the Kalahari’s desert watermelon extracts limit
cell degradation and preserve their DNA for a better protected and visibly
rejuvenated skin. The perfect shield for protection against our daily
agressions from UV rays, pollution, free radicals, oxidative stress… In the
morning before my day cream, my skin feels and looks super firm and smooth.
A great combination, the serums
complement each other to perfection. At night, the Cellular Energy serum works
as a powerful cell-stimulator. Chronodyn (unicellular micro alga) works at the
heart of the cells to « reinitialize » them. The serum gives the skin
a way to ensure regeneration by stimulating the metabolism’s essential

While I usually use a serum and a
cream at night, Auriège’s Cellular Energy serum is so comfortable and
nourishing that I use it on its own !

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