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Beauty review : Time-filler Eyes by Filorga

Apr 06, 2014 | Parisian Eye
The Filorga studio and Time-filler Eyes – shot with my Leica 
I love how Filorga keeps innovating with new products every
season. This spring, they launch Time-filler
Eyes : an ultra powerful eye contour for a healthy look. The eye area is
the one I am most concerned about, and I was very much anticipating Filorga’s
new weapon to help fight signs of ageing on this sensitive zone.
In a lovely loft turned photo studio right in the heart of Le Marais in
Paris, I got to try Time-filler Eyes for the first time on a sunny afternoon,
and was immediately convinced, as the cream does it all with its lifting-like,
botox-like and meso-like, injection-like and peeling-like actions.
Ready for my treatment ! Shot with my Leica 
Time-filler Eyes by Filorga – shot with my Leica 
The most noticeable to me were the botox-like and
meso-like : we are all concerned by the fine expression lines we get
around the eyes in our late 20’s / early 30’s, and Time-filler Eyes addresses this issue
perfectly.  It contains Filorga’s  unique hyaluronic acid and  NCTF chronospheres, as well as botox-like and
meso-like ingredients to reduce the fine line aspects.
The injection-like effect was also spectacular :
my under eye areas were really plumped, and whitened. Time-filler Eyes goes
even further, as you can apply it on your eye-lashes to strengthen them and
make them look fuller ! 
The Filorga studio – shot with my Leica 
The Filorga studio – shot with my Leica 
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