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Travel: living the Hollywood dream at the Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows, Los Angeles

Feb 18, 2014 | Parisian Eye

Me, standing in front of the Beverly Hills Hotel’s signature banana leaf wallpaper 
It is one of those places that made me dream when I was a child. A hotel that embodies a spirit, a culture, a way of life and an industry – a city : Los Angeles. A place of beauty, old school glamour and luxury. More than a hotel, a historical landmark for over 100 years with its signature red-carpet entrance, banana leaf wallpaper, green and white stripes, and its pink exterior. A hotel that actually needs no introduction. Yet, a hotel that deserves exposition, for every personal experience at the Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows is unique, and worthy of sharing. A wonderful travel experience ! 

Red carpet entrance at the Beverly Hills Hotel 
The lobby at the Beverly Hills Hotel 
I stayed at the Beverly
Hills Hotel and Bungalows – famously known as the « Pink Palace » during
my last trip to Los Angeles. I arrived there on a sunny Saturday, after a week
in San Francisco. After walking the famous red carpet leading inside the hotel
and checking in, I took a moment to see the extent of the renovations that started
in 2012 (after my last visit), including in the lobby where new lighting, carpets and a beautiful
banana leaf center medallion crafted of limestone have been added to bring a
modern and contemporary twist.
I was then ready to discover my own
space within the world famous celebrity Mecca : a private bungalow within the lush gardens (there are only 23 bungalows out of the 208 hotel rooms and suites), similar to the ones where icons such as Elizabeth Taylor
(who honeymooned there with six of her eight husbands), Marilyn Monroe and
Marlene Dietrich, among others, have stayed.

The Beverly Hills Hotel gardens – shot with my Leica 
The Beverly Hills Hotel gardens – shot with my Leica  
My bungalow ! Shot with my Leica 
I absolutely loved the cute entrance to my bungalow 🙂 Shot with my Leica 
If staying at the
Beverly Hills Hotel is quite an experience, having your own bungalow is the
ultimate luxury : located within exotic gardens, it felt just like what the
perfect home on a tropical island should be… Classic wood furnishings, a large
comfortable king bed, a big closet, and a lovely welcome tray. Regarding the staff, they were present whenever I needed something,  and ever so discreet at the same time; always kind and happy to help – not to mention the restaurant waiters, who even knew on the very second day already what my favorites were for breakfast. 
Inside my gorgeous bungalow – shot with my Leica 
A lovely welcome tray! Shot with my Leica 
A delightful welcome note – shot with my Leica 
Yum! Shot with my Leica 
Nice bed details – shot with my Leica 
So comfortable – shot with my Leica 
Another view of my room – shot with my Leica 

The luxuriously appointed bathroom was my favorite part of the bungalow. With its marble and gold details everywhere, I felt like I was transported in an old school Hollywood movie every time I stepped in. Of course, the classical looks of this haven of relaxation were completed with all the modern touches possible, such as electric curtains.

A bathroom fit for royalty – shot with my Leica 
Gorgeous details – shot with my Leica 
One of the best tubs I have tried! Shot with my Leica 
Lovely bathroom supplies – shot with my Leica 
My bungalow also had
the most beautiful patio, where I sat to enjoy the early California sunrays
with a coffee in the morning, before exploring and enjoying the hotel’s
entertainment and dining areas, starting with its legendary pool which has
seen countless celebrities and been featured in numerous classic film.
Of course, my wanders
through the Beverly Hills Hotel have also been captured on camera, in case you
wonder… Stay tuned for more glorious pictures soon on
The Parisian Eye !

I did enjoy the pool! 

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