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Beauty review : Techni Liss by Payot (diamond powder inside)

Feb 01, 2014 | Parisian Eye

Last year, I discovered Payot’s  « elixirs »,
and I have been using those serums ever since. More recently, the brand has launched
 « Techni Liss »,
their new line of high-tech care introduced as  « a new
approach to the treatment of wrinkles », based on 2 ranges : daily care and intensive
At the heart of this range, a rejuvenating innovation
from the Payot Laboratories : the « Liss Process Complex » acts
on all wrinkle-forming processes. Inspired by cosmeceuticals, each product of
the range is enriched with AHAs for dual smoothing and renewing action.
I got to try « Techni Liss First », which
belongs to the daily care range. The more appropriate for me (and those who
actually want to maintain a youthful
freshness while keeping the first wrinkles from appearing), this product
does it all : it smoothes, plumps and fills. The fresh,
melting formula hydrates and softens, and is enriched with diamond powder (what else?) to smooth wrinkles and brighten
the complexion.
Techni Liss First  is the perfect day care for those between 25 and 30, who want to be
able to smile and laugh at life everyday without any concern for future
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