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Chanel opens new Fashion and Watches & Fine Jewellery boutiques in Geneva, Switzerland

Nov 27, 2013 | Parisian Eye

Last week, Chanel opened new boutiques dedicated to Fashion and
Watches & Fine Jewellery in the heart of Geneva’s luxury shopping street – rue du Rhône.

500m2 are divided into two main zones: in one area, the fashion creations designed by Karl Lagerfeld – Ready-to-Wear, bags, shoes and other accessories. The second area introduces the fascinating world of Watches and Fine Jewellery by Chanel to Switzerland for the first time, within a very unique showcase.  

If the boutique has been extended and entirely renovated, the protected façade of the opulent 19th century building with its sober elegance has remained
untouched. Like all Chanel boutiques across the globe, the two-storey interior was conceived by
New York architect Peter Marino.

In every room works of contemporary art commissioned by Chanel as well as interior design works
and antiques imbue these new boutiques with an exclusive ambiance and echo the Brand as much as
the legacy of Mademoiselle Chanel, a patron of the arts who was as passionate as she was

43, rue du Rhône
1204 Geneva

Tel. Fashion boutique: +41 22 316 11 00
Tel. Watches & Fine Jewellery boutique: +41 22 316 11 50 

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