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Travel : La grande Table Marocaine restaurant at the Royal Mansour Hotel Marrakech, by Yannick Alléno

Oct 28, 2013 | Parisian Eye
This is how I like my wine served… Shot with my Leica
While staying at the Royal Mansour earlier this year, my friend and I were showcased the flavorful and exotic spices of
traditional Moroccan cuisine, with a lovely dinner at the gastronomic
restaurant La Grande Table Marocaine. Starting off with rosé champagne
in the dimly lit restaurant, we had the pleasure of viewing the staff members
circle around the patrons in their beaded Moroccan dress. Each course served
was like a choreographed dance. The chef arrived to propose a tasting menu
complete with Pastilla, a Moroccan sweet and savory pie with pigeon meat.
Our table at La Grande Table Marocaine – shot with my Leica
Enjoying the grand decor of the restaurant – shot with my Leica
As everything else at the Royal Mansour, only the best : Baccarat glasses – shot with my Leica
The pigeon pastilla came out first, after traditional bread and other appetizers. Its crusty exterior and the warm cinnamon spiced meat on the inside all came together to melt in the mouth. Neither my friend or I had never tasted anything like it (but I hope to enjoy a Pastilla again). Not only was the pigeon meat extra tender but the combination of spices and the flaky crust made the dish an explosion of tastes and textures.
The first appetizers – shot with my Leica
Next, we were encouraged to try many small salads and dishes, served tapas style, to get the full range of what Morocco has to offer. There was a beet salad, mini canoli-looking things, a pumpkin bite, and other delicious bites. Each bite was better than the last.
The great selection  of starters – shot with my Leica
So many delicious starters, with beautiful colours ! – shot with my Leica
The surprisingly excellent pigeon pastilla – shot with my Leica
But the real specialty came in the form of the main courses: a tagine with clams and Israeli couscous, and a lamb tagine with peas. Both had very unique flavor profiles. The seafood dish was light and acidic. The lamb dish was full and earthy, with the most tender, melt in your mouth lamb meat I’ve ever tasted. The entire meal was accompanied by wines originating in Morocco. I found that both the red and white wine from Ait Souala had very intense floral bouquets and paired excellently with each course.
The tagines – shot with my Leica
The lamb tagine – shot with my Leica
The surprising and unusual – but delicious – clam tagine – shot with my Leica

Needless to say, after such a meal we could not eat anymore and unfortunately had to skip dessert – which were very tempting though. We decided to end our meal on yet another traditional Moroccan specialty : the mint tea, ceremoniously prepared in front of us.

As for everything else at the Royal Mansour, dinner was impeccable. Which is not surprising, knowing that the menu is supervised by French Michelin starred chef Yannick Alléno.
Shot with my Leica

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