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Beauty review : the élixirs by Payot

Mar 14, 2013 | Parisian Eye

This year marks the
100th anniversary of Payot. Certainly a sign that the brand must produce great
cosmetics… This is why I decided to try the élixirs, a range launched last
year. With over 60 people working in the Payot laboratories and constantly
offering breakthrough innovations, the scientific research resulted in the
élixir complex.
high-performance active substances  – trace
elements, biosaccharides and hyaluronic acid, the élixir is aimed at anticipating
and protecting the skin from future damage : the trace elements (zinc and
manganese) prevent premature signs of aging by neutralising free radicals,
while the biosaccharides protect the skin by reinforcing its
immunological capacities, and the hyaluronic acids repair the visible signs of
If all the élixirs offer
these 3 actions, each one in the range has its own targeted purpose. I tried
« élixir d’eau », the « hydration activator » : at 30,
what else do I need but hydration ? As it promises to be « extremely
rich in proteins and essential fatty acids », I was a little afraid it
might be too greasy… but it was not !
My verdict is actually
very positive about it : the élixir d’eau serum melts into your skin, and
is literally instantly absorbed – a good sign for the diffusion of the
active substances into your skin ! Your skin doesn’t feel oily at all, yet it
does feel hydrated as it needs to be in the morning (when I use it, right after
my Biologique Recherche P50 balancing exfoliator). A great start for a plumped
skin to begin the day. 


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