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Sephora : to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a beauty-full way !

Feb 02, 2013 | Parisian Eye

celebrate Valentine’s Day, Sephora introduces Happy Bubbleday, a complete
limited edition Sephora bath line with a brand new packaging, revamped to look
like the cutest presents. Inside, beauty products scented with a delightful red
fruit fragrance.
like a candy box, and inspired by candy shops, “Happy Bubbleday Box” is the perfect
gift to give or receive. It contains an assortment of bath products as
beautiful as they are mouthwatering: a red fruit bubble bath, a red fruit hand
wash, a mesh sponge and 3 strawberry-scented bath cubes.
The Happy Bubbleday Box

Another favorite in the line is Sephora’s Valentine’s
Day magic wand: it contains 10 strawberry-scented bath cubes soften bathwater with
a sweet strawberry scent… An enchanting wand to make it a magic day ! 

The magic wand ! 


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