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Cartier : the Trinity spring 2013 collection

Feb 04, 2013 | Parisian Eye

For this spring, Cartier has revisited its iconic Trinity ring. 

Symbolizing love or friendship, combining 3 rings in 1, the usually quite classical ring set gets an ephemeral makeover with colours reminiscent of springtime : pink gold and sapphires, yellow diamonds, blue sapphires, and even a pearly touch… 
The perfect mix between creativity and excess to embody loyalty.
Trinity rings in grey gold with blue sapphires and diamonds
In pink gold with kunzite and diamonds,
In pink gold with pink sapphires and diamonds,
In gold with white, yellow and brown diamonds
Trinity earrings in yellow, pink and grey gold with pearls
Trinity ring in pink gold with kunzite and diamonds 
Trinity ring in grey gold, with diamonds and Aquamarine

CartierTrinity ring

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