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Beauty review : Neomist

Feb 24, 2013 | Parisian Eye

As the winter is here and doesn’t want to go away, most of us feel the damages of the extreme conditions on our skin…
Especially our face. Dull or red skin is common on the street during this
season. The reason ? Mainly because of the skin’s very low temperature,
which makes it generate less sebum, hence a drier, more sensitive face.
The solution ?
MOISTURIZATION.  If many, many options
exist, one is especially new and interesting to notice : Neomist’s all in
one cream and serum… The first ultra-concentrated
fluid-liquid-cream, as effective as a serum, with high moisturization
and anti ageing features.
Highly-concentrated in natural active ingredients (Argan, Shea and Wheat
Ceramides extracts), the formula is
based on a technological innovation known as wpe® (Water Plant
Emulsion), a patented micellar emulsion procedure.
What I like about
Neomist is the feeling it offers when applying it onto your skin : its
light, airy and fluid texture really makes your skin feel and appear hydrated.
With its wpe® patent for micellar emulsification, the fluid, made up of a
multitude of microdroplets, allows a quick penetration of the highly
concentrated natural active ingredients. Not only is the skin protected against
extreme weather agressions, it is also protected against the effects of time,
as Neomist is an efficient anti-ageing fluid.
Neomist is easy to use
as you can simply spray it on your face before massaging it… Simple as
that !


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