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Serge Lutens, where fragrance meets magic

Oct 29, 2012 | Parisian Eye

If you are
lucky to live in Paris – or if you are a visitor looking for the
« true » Paris experience – you probably know this haven of
refinement in the heart of Paris : the Palais Royal gardens. A quiet
refuge in the heart of the city, the Palais Royal gardens are part of the The Palais Royal (Royal Palace), where the « Sun
King » Louis the XIV spent his youth.

Located under the arcades that surround the gardens and are home to the
trendiest and edgiest designers, is a boutique that immediately catches your
attention, for it is the the most discreet and understated window of the
gallery. This boutique is home to the flagship house of Serge Lutens. Described by Monsieur Lutens
himself as “more of a refined salon for perfumes than a boutique”, it is simply
one of the prettiest boutiques you will have ever stepped in. A magical place.

“Palais Royal – Serge Lutens”, as the boutique is called, opened in 1992.
And its location, far from the high street and that could seem a strange choice
to some, actually has nothing to do with chance. As he explains, Monsieur
Lutens wanted a place that would « attract a clientele of connoisseurs, not
casual customers »… And when you step into the world of Monsieur Serge
Lutens, you understand why. In his « House of Perfumes », you will
find the most intense and surprising of scents. Scents not made for the
identity-free crowds… Scents that have a meaning, a presence.

But before
telling you more about the fragrances in later posts, let’s go back to the
boutique… Far from the big names, the big launches, the spectacular events that
we see too often in the beauty industry, over little substance, is the world of Monsieur Serge Lutens.
A world of refinement, where exceptional fragrances needed an exceptional
location : made in violet to black, the “Palais Royal – Serge Lutens” is inspired by the
Post-French-Revolution atmosphere. Every detail of the friezes, the patterns,
the panels will bring a vision of elegance, may it be of the ladies of the time
dressed to their best, or the dandies perfuming themselves with musk and nutmeg.

 When looking
back at his history, it is no surprise that Serge Lutens was able to create
such an extraordinary, timeless place and atmosphere… Back in the 60’s, he was
already working with the best : Vogue, Elle, Jardin des Modes, Harper’s
Bazaar… He was for them the creator of a vision through makeup, jewellery
and extraordinary objets. In 1967, Monsieur Lutens was the one who helped
Christian Dior launch its makeup line.

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