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Beauty review : the Concentrated Reconstructing Serum by Algenist

Oct 31, 2012 | Parisian Eye
Algenist is a brand I
had the chance to discover – and, I must say, fall in love with – while
attending a presentation at the Sephora summer fair in Paris, earlier in June.
After introducing their Targeted Deep Wrinkle Minimizer, I thought I would go
on trying their products and see if they were worth talking about… And they
are ! 
My focus today is the Concentrated Reconstructing Serum. The
secret ? Just like the brand’s other products, it is filled with
Algenist’s exclusive ingredient, Alguronic Acid. Alguronic Acid is a powerful
regenerative compound produced by a specific and unique strain of micro
algae, designed to help protect and regenerate the microalgae cells in
diverse and extreme environmental conditions. 
Even better, the anti-aging serum
is formulated with a high concentration of the ingredient : right after
application, the skin feels significantly smoothed and the lifting effects are
so noticeable, that I sometimes forget to follow up with moisturizing –
especially since the texture is so deep and rich, as opposed to other serums
which tend to actually leave your skin feeling dry… 
The action on the fine
lines, especially on the forehead and eye area, is really effective after 2
weeks. This concentrated serum, to be used morning and evening right after
cleansing and before moisturizing, really keeps its promises !

The Algenist line is sold exclusively at Sephora

AlgenistConcentrated Reconstructing SerumSephoraTargeted Deep Wrinkle Minimizer

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