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Review : Biologique Recherche, a beauty reference in Paris and beyond

Sep 18, 2012 | Parisian Eye

When you are a beauty addict, the quest for the perfect
facial is a never ending story. Yet, although you might quickly change your
mind on the amazing effects a beauty treatment (remember the last time you
adopted a facial for a few months, until discovering a new one that became your
favourite), there are some  which will
never go out of fashion.

Biologique Recherche is one of those. A fan of their
products since I first discovered in London a few years back a few of their core
solutions  (the lotion P50, the VIP O2 range), I had long been tempted to try one of
their facials… And I finally did !
In Paris, the Biologique Recherche treatments are realised at
their headquarters : a magnificent 
typically Parisian building located on the Champs-Elysées, also know as…
The most beautiful avenue in the world. The facial that I got is called the “Soin Restructurant et Lissant” (restructuring and smoothing facial).
After a diagnostic, my
beautician and I agreed the treatment I needed was , the “Soin Restructurant et
Lissant”. Specifically aimed at hydrating and smoothing the skin, the treatment
lasted 60 minutes… And I wish it had lasted longer !
The facial began with a
preparatory phase, including a cleansing of the face and neck with the
oxygenating milk Lait Oxygénant VIP02, and exfoliation/moisturization by the
application of the Lotion P50 – which was my first Biologique Recherche
discovery a few years ago.
Once my skin  was clean and
rebalanced thanks to the Lotion P50, it was ready to receive the “core” phase
of the facial : the “Complexe Restructurant et Lissant”, which instantly made
me feel toned and super fresh. For my first Biologique Recherche facial, I felt
I was finally getting the “hype” around the brand… Ensued several finishing
touches, such as the “Crème Verte Espoir”, the “Sérum Biosensible” and the
“Fluide VIP02”.
The secret of a
Biologique Recherche facial is both in the way it is applied (through specific gentle sculpting motions, that are a critical
part of the Biologique Recherche method), and in the highly concentrated, then
efficient, products.
My first Biologique Recherche facial was just like I had
expected it to be : the utmost was done in order to make it relaxing and
pleasant, in addition to efficient. Relaxing and pleasant thanks to the cosy
atmosphere of the institute and the treatment room, where every attention to
details was paid. Efficient without any doubt, as the combination of extremely
good products and a very professional therapist made me leave the institute
feeling good and glowing without anything on my face – not even foundation, and
that’s saying something !

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  1. I am very much interested in their products as well ( already use some ) and finally are planning to get a treatment in Paris. May I ask how much this treatment costs 🙂 ?

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