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Algenist : my last anti-aging discovery at Sephora

Jun 18, 2012 | Parisian Eye

Developed by
biotechnology scientists in San Francisco, Algenist was born from an unexpected
discovery : while working on research for renewable energies based on
microalgae, the team came across a compound responsible for regenerating and
protecting the microalgae cell… Knowing the extreme conditions algae is subject
to, no doubt this compound has great powers ! It seems natural that the
compound, named Alguronic Acid, was then tested for anti-aging skincare
properties. According to Algenist and based on those testings, Alguronic Acid
has superior properties to some of the most effective anti-aging ingredients,
including hyaluronic acid and retinol.

I will soon start
telling you what I think about the range, so stay tuned for reviews of my
favourite products from Algenist… In case you can’t wait and want to try them,
they are affordable and sold exclusively at Sephora.
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