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Yon-Ka : more than a spa… A sanctuary in Paris

May 09, 2012 | Parisian Eye
“approved” – as I usually do when I like – when talking about my
experience at the worldwide Yon-Ka flagship spa in Paris is an understatement.
I LOVED it !

Located in the heart of
Paris’ Left Bank – right across the street  from the temple of Parisian
chic Le Bon Marché – the 400 square metre spa calls for relaxation, well-being
and luxury. Getting a facial on a gloomy, rainy Saturday afternoon was just the
perfect idea…

Entrance of the Yon-Ka spa, opposite Le Bon Marché
Passed the understated
entrance, you penetrate a very peaceful, relaxing and bright atmosphere (bright
thanks to the perfect location, with huge windows all over the spa allowing
daylight to penetrate). You then feel like Yon-Ka is about to offer you the
perfect escape… And you won’t be disappointed !
Passed the reception
where all the necessary attention will be provided to make you feel at home,
you enter what I would compare to a sanctuary : a pleasing ambience, scented
candles burning all around, a clean and cosy changing room for you to get in
the robe and shoes provided. I particularly liked the lounge area you can wait
for your treatment at, furbished with comfortable sofas provided to relax and
complete with all the latest fashion magazines and the most tasteful teas.

Yon-Ka’s pleasing and cosy setting
And actually, this was
only a prelude to what I was about to experience then, and what I came for : a
perfect, 1.5 hour facial set in a spacious treatment room complete with its own
I then embarked upon
nearly 2 hours of sheer bliss with , as I was secretly wishing. All the
important things were in place: a warm low lit room, enough instruction,
privacy and change time to get ready for my treatment. The best of all (the
first time I experienced it, so quite worth pointing out I guess : a
heated treatment bed !

Heated treatment beds… A dream !
Describing the treatment
I peacefully received might not give you all the feelings I experienced while
receiving it, but here is a description of the differents steps and procedure
of the male moisturizing facial :
a cleansing lotion is applied, in order to get rid of all the accumulated
pollution and possible cosmetics you might be wearing
–  Then,
another very new procedure to me : a lotion is applied with a Lucas
Championniere facial steamer… Your lotion really penetrates your skin in a
thin, delicate mist… Feeling like a warm veil covering your face !
–   The
next step consists of a delicate scrubbing and more lotion (you can’t get
enough of it !)
–   One
of my favourite parts (and something really new to me as it was the first time I
was getting one) consists of what comes next. Once the skin is clean and bare
from everything, you are treated to a micropeel : a safe and effective
procedure that can be customized to meet the needs of all skin types
–    The
« heart » of the facial I had chosen was then ready to be
applied : the moisturizing mask, that Yon-Ka activates with a steam
machine in order to help the active ingredients penetrate – and also to prepare
your skin for what felt to me like the worst, yet necessary, part of the
treatment : cleaning of blackheads…
–    I
then felt like after the cream applied after and the day cream were leading me
to the end of this unforgettable moment… And unfortunately it was !
This facial came
complete with neck, head and hand massage and subtle scents of lemon, pineaple,
blackcurrant… Honestly, a must-do for all of us stressed professionals in Paris !

Lounge area… So nice to sip a tea there while waiting for your facial… Or to relax just after it 
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