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Review : face serum “Radiance & Energy” by Codage

May 07, 2012 | Parisian Eye
After posting about the brand last week here on the blog, here is, as promised, my first review of a Codage treatment : the SERUM N°3.
The promise : SERUM N°3 is a formula of ultra-concentrated nourishment for your skin. A real elixir of cellular replenishment, SERUM N°3 helps erase skin fatigue and the first signs of aging. 

A synergy of hydrating, energizing and detoxifying ingredients for bright, beautiful and healthier skin. A concentrate of antioxidant and anti-aging nutrients to prevent and repair first wrinkles.

My verdict : as a morning serum I had the opportunity to try while vacationing in California where it gets very warm and dry in April, SERUM N°3 really keeps up with its promises.
At the very first application, my skin felt nourished and refreshed, almost refilled from the inside. SERUM N°3 works on the lines and on the overall complexion to make it look healthier : every morning, seconds after the application, my skin is smooth and free from dry patches.  I even feel like I need to apply less day moisturiser, and my foundation sits better on my skin.

I really recommand SERUM N°3 to all those who want an efficient, not too intrusive serum to tackle fatigue issues firts thing in the morning. Be careful though : like with most serums, it is important  to use a moisturizing cream after your serum. My tip : apply the serum first, wait a few minutes and then put your daily moisturizer on.

And since a good product is worth noticing… All Codage cosmetics are made of nutri-elements that are 100% natural, made up of plant, marine and mineral extracts. They are also paraben-free and made without phtalates or petrochemicals, as well as being hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.


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