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I know what you’ll drink this summer : Grimbergen !

Mar 21, 2012 | Parisian Eye
With the arrival of spring, all we can think about is the long summery days that await us in Paris these upcoming months, and how to handle them : what will be the coolest hotspots for a stroll or a sunbath, what will be the it accessories to make us look good by 35 degrees, what sunglasses to wear and, almost as importantly… What to drink !
The firts day of spring yesterday was the occasion for the Brasseries Kronenbourg to offer us an answer… And what an answer !
Grimbergen, one of the group brands – the first Grimbergen was brewed in 1128 ! – launched its “Bière de Printemps” (Spring beer).
The star of the evening : la Bière de Printemps

With its intense taste and subtle touches of apple, spices and ginger, Grimbergen really is the perfect beer for the sunny months ahead of us !

It was all about beer !

This evening also was the occasion for Grimbergen to offer their guests an occasion to have a taste at their various beers, through a very unique sense-oriented experience. With a typical scenery re-created for each season – spring, summer, fall and winter, we were more than happy to discover what beer to drink, when…

Sipping on a Bière de Printemps this spring
For the summer, a Grimbergen Blanche !
Fall will be cosy with Grimbergen Rouge…
… And the Christmas beer for the festive season : Brassin de Noël !


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